Valuing the Quality of Your Work Relationships

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Conversation Café 2014 also included five Seawolf Howls. Seawolf Howls are 10-minute talks grounded in the Student Affairs core themes contributed by UAA faculty and staff that provide colleagues an innovative look at topics near and dear to student affairs and UAA.

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“Valuing the Quality of Your Work Relationships”
presented by Dr. Terry A. Nelson
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Valuing the Quality
of Your Work RelationshipsDr. Terry A. Nelson
Dr. Terry A. Nelson

The manager and subordinate relationship can be very complex. Utilizing leader-member exchange (LMX) theory, I will discuss three types of work relationships and how reevaluating the quality of your relationship can lead to positive outcomes.

“One cannot lead if he or she does not know how to develop effective and productive relationships with their followers. This is the key component to any leadership style that one possesses.” Dr. Terry Nelson shares this message, passionately, with the MBA students that take her leadership classes. Dr. Nelson earned her BBA and MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and completed her PhD at the University of Memphis. Her knowledge of the importance of leader and follower relationships comes from over 17 years in leadership roles with Kroger, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and First Tennessee Bank where she was Senior Vice President of Consumer Loan Processing. When not in the classroom, Terry is busy overseeing the College of Business and Public Policy’s Leadership Fellows Mentoring program, conducting research, and enjoying being a newcomer to Anchorage.

Valuing the Quality of Your Work Relationships

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