Seawolf Howls

Conversation Café 2015 also included four Seawolf Howls. Seawolf Howls are 10-minute talks grounded in the Student Affairs core themes contributed by UAA faculty and staff that provide colleagues an innovative look at topics near and dear to student affairs and UAA.

Watch the Seawolf Howl “PEERS” presented by Dana Sample and then click on the links below to watch the other Seawolf Howls.
Dana SampleDana Sample

Talking about the importance of developing PEER relationships between our student leaders within Student Affairs. Using the SU&CSS current PEERS model to describe the importance of connections on campus and creating student success.

Dana Sample is the Associate Director of Student Union & Commuter Student Services. Dana completed her Master of Science in Education – Higher Education degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2011. In July of 2011, Dana left her homeland of Southern Illinois to start working for UAA as the Student Union Operations Coordinator. After nearly 4 years with UAA, Dana could not imagine working anywhere else on campus. The Student Union is her home away from home. The connections that happen on a daily basis within the four walls of the Union drive Dana to continue working in the rewarding field of Student Affairs.


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