Thriving Through Change

Seawolf Howls

Conversation Café 2015 also included four Seawolf Howls. Seawolf Howls are 10-minute talks grounded in the Student Affairs core themes contributed by UAA faculty and staff that provide colleagues an innovative look at topics near and dear to student affairs and UAA.

Watch the Seawolf Howl “Thriving Through Change” presented by Cathy Ewing and then click on the links below to watch the other Seawolf Howls.
Thriving Through Change
Cathy EwingCathy Ewing

Cathy has made a career of change management. She’s worked for universities, non-profits and associations that were going through dramatic growth, dramatic shrinkage or a change of identity. She’ll share strategies learned from top entrepreneurs, political leaders, her own experiences and of course wisdom from a hard working mother.

Cathy Ewing’s career spans 30 years. During that time she has won numerous awards for work impacting the software and Internet industry in Colorado, small and mid-sized brewing industry nationally, students thinking of college and leadership as a woman executive. She has been fortunate enough to host innovative entrepreneurs, commentators and world leaders working toward change; as well as, middle schoolers and high schoolers struggling to make changes so they can succeed.

Thriving Through Change

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